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❝ after all this time. ❞

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Alice's blue dress picture

Reference for gloves and bodice. The color of the dress here is pretty accurate. More on the pastely cool blue side than turquoise.

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The girl who paints nature to change its colors - a fairy queen? Slave to the nature queen?<<Idk maybe this is weird but all i can think about when i see this is the song Painting the Roses Red from Alice in Wonderland.

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Hopefully we’ll be able to be together by valentines, then we can be the typical cringy, sappy, lovey dovey couple lol

alice could not reach the key.

" Alice peeked around the table leg and saw a miniature Hatter." Alice found a small box and took one of the piece of cake. She took a bite and felt her body start to change shape.

Alice in wonderland

Alice in wonderland