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I actually got water for you too... From some spring near Kamnik... I tested it with pH marker and really is good. Also I use it now for teas and soups and I really feel it's good. Got these big glass things and I go once per month to get it... Also nice to go for a walk. Got two of this glass things for you and thought if I see you I will give them to you then you can bring it back empty and will refill whenever I go.

Enjoy Boxed water is better.💧and Walakea .

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♔➸Let's get find some place to get lose➸♔

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went here in California :) it was so good

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i love the juice ranch in Santa Barbara!

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fruit drinks are life

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most likely found in a neighborhood coffee shop, sitting under a tree, running trough the forest or accidentally injuring myself.

See this Instagram photo by @happilyeverallen • Lemonade. Lemonade LA. Coconut Apple lemonade. Cucumber mint lemonade. Places to eat in LA.

Lemonade is goals

@abisnailJr vitamin water tho

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