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People saying they are sick of "feminism," is why we need feminism. <<< Women need feminism for their equal rights, men are sick of feminism because it "annoys" them

My husband also just finds cooking and baking enjoyable, whereas I see it as a chore.

Men cooking: because our generation of women doesn't know how to. Men cooking: because it's a fairly essential skill and vanishing it should be a woman's job is giving sexist as shit.

Rape culture is disgusting and rapists are not human beings. They're animals and need to be treated like that.

why the hell did her boyfriend break up with her as the man of their now broken relationship he shouldve got mad and defensive of his girlfriend being violated not about her so called " cheating " on him.

Rebecca Cohen — Great news - this poster is finally available for...

Women’s History Month Summed Up In A Single Cartoon - obviously an American initiative, but a good one! I did know many of these things, but I did not know about Hedy Lamarr!

I just realized that I've always had a problem with letting people walk over me in conversations. After reading this post I decided that I'm going to make a proper effort to make myself heard. Thank you, random internet people, for your advice ❤️

feminism: everyone needs it. (Also: I know the comment poster! She's amazing!)

"Saying feminism is unnecessary because you don't feel oppressed is like saying fire extinguishers are unnecessary because your house isn't or fire [.] when your house actually is on fire.


You're sick of feminism? Well, I'm sick of making less money, feeling like my body is community property and feeling shamed & harassed. But by all means, do continue to be sick of people wanting equality.

I've used "I just said that" with my mom more times than I can count. But then, we both talk a LOT.

I would also like to add "i wasn't finished" *continue talking* to this list. And also "how dare you" lol No male dominance lol

This is important

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Men shouldn't hurt women, women shouldn't hurt men, men shouldn't hurt men, women shouldn't hurt women, and anyone of any gender should not hurt anyone else of any gender.

Leg hair<<Wow, what a weird caption... Let's change that to "feminist vs misandrist views on leg hair", good?

Leg hair and people<<Wow, what a weird caption. Let's change that to "feminist vs misandrist views on leg hair", good?<<< wow, what a weird caption.


a response to men who say Why cant you just say no if you dont want to? because were terrified to say no and yes.