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~~Red Pierrot: Season's First Butterfly by Ram Thakur~~

Red Pierrot (Talicada nyseus): Season's First Butterfly by Ram Thakur

Antillian crested hummingbird

Antillean crested hummingbird Even hummers get in on the purple act. God really loves Purple

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Whistling Heron - Syrigma sibilatrix The Whistling Heron, Syrigma sibilatrix (Pelecaniformes - Ardeidae), is endemic to South America, where it occupies two disjunct regions. A northern population,.

American Redstart / Setophaga ruticilla / Paruline flamboyante : La Paruline flamboyante est une petite espèce de passereaux appartenant à la famille des Parulidae. / They breed in North America - southern Canada and eastern USA. They are migratory, wintering in Central America and northern South America. Wikipédia

The American redstart (Setophaga ruticilla) is a New World warbler. It is unrelated to the Old World redstarts. It derives its name from the male's red tail, start being an old word for tail. Photo by Kevin Hall.

morning dove. We have one that likes to sit in one of our transom windows and peep inside at us at breakfast.

"The Mourning Dove is a member of the dove family (Columbidae). The bird is also called the Turtle Dove or the American Mourning Dove or Rain Dove, and formerly was known as the Carolina Pigeon or Carolina Turtledove"