Oh my goodness. I want a "joy" tattoo so badly ever since last summer. I love this font. I'm not sure about the placement, but it's pretty cool. Plus, this would be a meaningful tattoo for me, not just a frivolous thing.

"To the sea" tattoo on the right inner forearm.

“To the sea” tattoo on the right inner forearm. Tattoo artist: Jon Boy · Jonathan V

Ohana means family. For more pins like this follow Inspiration For Everything

20 Beautiful Micro Tattoos Ink Lovers Need To See

Typewriter style "Alive." tattoo on the wrist.

Bigger the better, right? When it comes to tattoos, smaller sized tattoos and simple designs can look just as good as a fully inked sleeve.

Nsibidi Writing System - Page 3 - SkyscraperCity

Egyptian Symbols And Their Meanings Nsibidi writing system Things such as this always make us leary. The tampering issues are constant as are the embeded codes so even with valid materials we handle them like hazardous materials.

joy maybe add the birds, anchor, roses...

Playful and simple typography tattoo done on forearm. It says only one word -- 'joy'. Which is really enough in this life.

"Nothing happens until something moves" tattoo on the left inner forearm

36 Minimalist tattoos ideas you must see

I love the placement of this tattoo

Number tattoo: Whatever your lucky number is, it's sometimes nice to have it in a place MOST people can't see. I like this idea--the number 11 inked here is slightly off kilter--the lines not as straight as I'd like.but nice pic!

Temporary tattoo

Temporary tattoo design by Marc Johns (no relation, har har) for Tattly. (combine with tree ring)

Tatuagens femininas delicadas: Dicas para sua primeira tatuagem

Tatuagens femininas delicadas: Dicas para sua primeira tatuagem