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The fact that Ansel is playing in two of these great movies is just ahhh. And look at him. AH. This is how he found out he got the part in TFIOS #perfection

The story of how Ansel Elgort got to know he got the part of Augustus Waters in 'TFIOS Movie' aka the cutest story ever if u read the book u would understand

John Green: Dad of tumblr. <3

John Green is my spirit animal. (He's the author of TFIOS and Paper Towns)

Always. Crying.

Where to find nerd girls . ahahhah this explains my life sooo much, like, come on guys! "often wearing fandom shirts" HAHAHAHHA yes. Come to the book stores and find the good nerd girls. We'll be waiting, boys -lol

Anything is possible with technology. | 56 Life Lessons You Learned From John Green

Anything is possible with technology.

The Fault in Our Stars -TFIOS // haven't read the book but I know what happens...

poor poor anon

The Fault in Our Stars -TFIOS Go read the damn book people! There should be a test on the book before anyone is allowed to go see the movie js

Even though I read the book AND watched the movie I am laughing so hard because just look at August' face and the dads face in the first line that's probably how it looks most times when a dad meets his daughters girlfriend

This was one of the best scenes in the movie! Gus's faces and Hazel's dad who has no idea how to react