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I am a gamer, trainer, Animeniac, and a bookworm. You mess with one fandom, you mess with them all!

I'm a simple girl. I see Leo, I pin

A Hero's Hideout from Deadly Fangirls 5 (strip) by on DeviantArt<< this is perff! :D<--- how many fandoms van you find? Like there is some many fandoms! I wanna see Leo and hiccup talking!

WB vs. Disney

Community Participation Time! WB vs Disney

Warner Bros vs Disney - Both sides have Orlando Bloom so they both win. Why choose?

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Multishipper, orgy shipper, optimistic otp shipper and sobbing otp shipper.

Eventos de anime/ mangá/ etc

Dorkly Comic: 17 People You See At Every Nerd Convention

People you see at every nerd convention I feel for the comics guy. :/ Comic-con almost shouldn't have comic in the name anymore with all the movie/tv show stuff going on.

Pin this to popular boards with popular fandoms!>>>MAN YOUR BATTLE STATIONS >;D<<<I'll go get all DA creepypastas!!

Pin this to popular boards with popular fandoms! <Creepypasta fandom will be on the front lines! >:] <SuperWhoLock and Percy Jackson will join you. Also, Sam and Dean are laughing in Hell at your attempts at grossing people out.


"Dammit Sammy, we exorcise, not exercise" XD

And this is why we are gamers ! ~ gamer games gaming nerd stuff

What a gamer is. I say I'm a gamer but everyone says I'm not cause I play on the WII. But I love to play!

tony just sippin' on hs coffee like he knows what was gonna happen

Honestly Thor would probably end up pulling the whole entire stone out of the ground sealed and everythknb

It's almost scary how similar these guys are...

My Little Pony meets the avengers? Please don't try to compare the awesomeness of the avengers to my little ponies.

Dangerous Ladies by blindbandit5.deviantart.com on @deviantART I love this fandom mixx

Dangerous Ladies hahaha PJO meets a:tla

Homestuck I love you so much you are never not awesome I've pinned this twice I don't even care

But wait, wouldn't Steven Universe own this universe? Since, y'know, it's called Steven UNIVERSE. IDK <<<< Didja miss the last bit? Homestuck is lots of multiverses. They are all giant frogs. We rule this place.

Oh the evolution. Things really have changed hmm....

The evolution of Video game graphics: This is truly beautiful. To see how far video games have gone, and their progression is breathtaking. Amazing and gorgeous, seeing how video games have such a long way.


When you party too hard at the Aperture Science facility. Laugh your self out with various memes that we collected around the internet.

House. He was so funny!!!


I want sarcasm levels like that of Dr.

Doctor Who - Dalek

Daleks have no concept of elegance.this is obvious