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Some of the most impressive drawings of realistic Pokemon, from some amazingly talented artists

Pokemon Haunting Truths

Pokemon Haunting Truths: starting point for fantasy legends?

Pokedex 059 - Arcanine FR by Pokemon-FR #Pokemon

This is FR (Fierce Remake) Pokemons folder for all normal pokemons (except starters, legendaries & eevolutions). Note Now every pokemon can be FR-ed through commissions. (even first & secon.

Ninja Squirtle T-Shirt

Ninja Squirtle T-Shirt - The Shirt List

Realistic Pokemon

So I managed to get more Pokémon done!Here's Chespin and co. I based Chespin off of a Chipmunk/Chestnut.Quilladin was b. Realistic Pokemon: Chespin Evolution Line

YEP.  I'm pinning this as a segue into a life science lesson.  And to think, I thought POKEMON WASN'T THE COOL THING ANYMORE.  I continue to be proven WAAAAAY wrong this year!!!

Pokemon in real life xD Not sure how Mew is derived from a Kangaroo rat though. I thought mew was a cat.

Tam Bir Pokemon Aşığı Olanları Kendinden Geçirecek 50 Farklı İllüstrasyon

There's more incredible fan art of Pokemon throughout the internet than (probably) any other topic. The art ranges from realistic depictions of . View "Amazing Fan Art of All 151 Original Pokemon by 151 Different Artists" and more funny posts on Dorkly

Pokemon Reinvented as Pokemayans

Squirtle / Wartortle / Blastoise Reimagined As Mayan Gods - Pokemon

Gravity Need Not Apply | Community Post: 14 Reasons Why Living In "Skyrim" Is Better Than Real Life

This is how you horse works in Skyrim!This is how you horse works in Skyrim!

Cool Pokemon! Lost link to original work, but I will get it. Talented _Deviant_Art

So I saw a post about the weird "real" Pokemon, these are realistic Pokemon

The Most Realistic Pokemon Fan Art Out There -

Check out this awesome gallery of disturbingly realistic Pokemon art by some amazing artists.

Pokemon - Plants vs Zombies by

Or rather, Grass vs Ghost. (Yes I am aware Diglett is not a grass type but you know) Plants vs Zombies