Mark Gatiss is the biggest shipper of Johnlock ever in the universe and he writes the show, that means he's in a place of ultimate power, and that scares me. I'm going to say something I never thought would make any sense. Save us, Steven Moffat.

Fine. I didn't really need my heart anyway. You may as well just rip it out and eat it in front of me.

my heart! The Frozen feels plus my Sherlock feels! "Do you wanna play deductions?" Yikes thanks for ruining frozen and sherlock for me. So many feels.

When you read it in Moriarty's voice, it becomes 50x more funny

Dare you not to say it in that voice. Mobiarty Dick by ~Azymmuth on deviantART

The Sherlock Fandom rocks.

little sherlock, john, and molly>>>i have never watched sherlock but i must pin this anyways!


Totally what happened! Sherlock hobbit crossover, after sherlock died

The writer's attention to detail really does astound me.  Aaaawwwweeesome... John, John, John...

I noticed! First time I watched the episode I was like, what what is he doing, he's blinking so rapidly.and naturally I know SOS in morse code, so I checked it out and I was like HA KNEW IT

Johnlock forever!!!

Cause fashion Jawn. I don't "ship Johnlock" But this, this made me laugh. it's midnight. I really need to go finish my book and sleep.

I am laughing way too hard right now

Buttons on his shirt are always in such tension. Sherlock BBC - Can't hold down the sexyness

I've said it before and I will say it again. The Sherlock fans have gone mad with Boredom. Or is it Grief...?

Yeah, it's time for season This is what happens to Sherlockians when we get bored. Pretty soon people are gonna start shooting walls. oh well I love tunalock