Mark Gatiss is the biggest shipper of Johnlock ever in the universe and he writes the show, that means he's in a place of ultimate power, and that scares me. I'm going to say something I never thought would make any sense. Save us, Steven Moffat.

And he's not burned out...which means he's probably a Deatheater. Well, crap!

This is why I love fandoms, we notice things <== Yer a wizard, Ben

Yeah love it

"My love for Greg knows no bounds." <-Could not be more true <- this scene was almost better than the actual scene with John and Sherlock drunk simply because Greg found everything so amusing XD

Last Fangirl on the Right: And Lo! A Fangirl Was Born: Sherlock

shockingblankets: “ Let’s just calm down… ” I love how this gif I drew almost a full year ago is suddenly getting more notes coming up to the season 3 premiere. I don’t think I’ll manage to stay calm.

We need more Sherlock.<<< yes, I chose the fandom life, and if this is what I must pay for my choices then so be it, WE NEED  MORE SHERLOCK.

I don’t even know how to react to this…

Yeah, it's time for season This is what happens to Sherlockians when we get bored. Pretty soon people are gonna start shooting walls. oh well I love tunalock