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Too funny

Too funny

I love you wine

last night sitting on the couch with my husband I said, 'I love you.' he asked, 'is that you or the wine talking?talking to the wine. Love you babe!

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tattoos + beard = ... @Becky Hui Chan withrow

I saw you have a beard and tattoos. Excuse me, while I take my clothes off. Funny quote on men.

Olympus has Fallen. Gotta love Gerard Butler!

Totally inappropriate, yet so true about a few.


Be careful in that tanning bed, or I will starting telling u that u have been dorito raped

According to MASH, I was supposed to end up a successful architect, driving a purple lamborghini, married to Brad Pitt, have one kid and a pet tiger, and living in a mansion. WTF??

hahahha I loved playing mash! now some of the school agers at work play it. So funny :)

And they will know they were conceived via raunchy sex one day.

Fifty Shades Of Funny: The Best Of The 50 Shades Of Grey (good thing I havent read it!

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Funny Confession Ecard: Good friends discuss their sex lives. Best friends talk about poop.

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Who needs the empty calories of the Thin Mint cookies when you can have a delicious and nutritious THIN MINT Shakeology Shake!

That's weird, I did it and it told me I had arrived at my destination...

Funny Courtesy Hello Ecard: I typed 'Bitch' into my GPS and guess what? I'm in your driveway.

Hahah...I would never say that. Ever.

Funny Confession Ecard: Once you hate someone, everything they do is offensive. 'Look at this bitch eating those crackers like she owns the place.


Religion is like a penis

I am iron man!

Logical proof that female = Iron Man! Iron Man is a female?