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This Is Soooo Funny! Dog thinks it needs to wait in line for a treat. So funny but adorable at the same time lol.This Is A Good Doggie!My Dog Would Be Like Forget This.I'm Going To the Front of the Line.

tooo cuute

I agree with the dog even though I haven't seen Jaws I do love the beach and the ocean tho

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The dog's been doing it for years, now the 6 month old has joined in., waiting for daddy to come home

Watch TV

Things We Worry Our Dogs Will Do When We're Not Home

13 Dogs That Have Forgotten How to Dog

30 cats and dogs losing the battle against Human Furniture. Click through to get rest of pics. (Too funny.totally worth checking out.you'll laugh and laugh ) SO FUNNY

hahahahhahaa :D

Funny pictures about Ray of death. Oh, and cool pics about Ray of death. Also, Ray of death photos.

Pets- so true!

Funny pictures about The Difference Between Petting A Dog And Petting A Cat. Oh, and cool pics about The Difference Between Petting A Dog And Petting A Cat. Also, The Difference Between Petting A Dog And Petting A Cat photos.

I can totally hear the music in the background as this dog does a airborne faceplant...


Funny pictures about Faceplant. Oh, and cool pics about Faceplant. Also, Faceplant photos.

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"Friend gave her dog an empty peanut butter jar last night and he shared it with his stuffed puppy" This is so sweet that my heart just exploded!

Remember: Now that the weather is turning cold, cows will seek out warm places to curl up and sleep. Be sure to give the hood of your car a couple of taps and let the cow have time to get down BEFORE you drive away. So many cows are injured every year.