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yall imma go 2 sleep bc just stalked bae on fb and now im upset. smh @ me catching feelings & crap smh

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yeah but it doesn't count if your eyebrows are bad its just like wow you have bad eyebrows and I can see them bc they're dark hah bad dark eyebrows

*brunette laughter* <<<< im a blonde and ill never truly experience dark eyebrows :-((

#selfcare  #selflove  #sheetmask #facemask  #mask

#selfcare #selflove #sheetmask #facemask #mask


it's strange how not that many have this same feeling. they see me just chillin' with my headphones on and jamming on my music and they ask how the hell am i not bored. well because the music is hella good, that's why~<<yes definitely