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yall imma go 2 sleep bc just stalked bae on fb and now im upset. smh @ me catching feelings & crap smh

but I want both... LOL They be jealous im with a guy, so they start trying to make me break up but I be like NO KEEP WISHING HUNS.. I ENJOY IT.

☆ We're the kids who are dead inside, but we're the ones who feel alive ☆

Pinterest: grungiee ☪✝

Pinterest: grungiee ☪✝

i have come to terms with my ugliness

I've given up hope on being hot honestly 😂

hope y'all don't hate me for pinning all of these but oh welllllll

i really cannot wink without it looking incredibly sarcastic

Oh my gosh like it's almost like you feel the pain of all the crap you were going through at the time. -Emma

Jack & Diane, by John Mellencamp. I first heard this song sitting in the choir loft of a church at 2 o'clock in the morning five years ago, staring at the ceiling, paint drying on my jeans

This made me laugh. A lot.

I'm pretty sure they said " oh my car smells like chocolate" but it sounds like that

They should have a week of school where you just talk to you friends and you can come in whenever and just hang out with anyone before school actually starts

but who's ready to wear sweatshirts and have bonfires and pumpkin candles <<YESSSS