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Anderson Design Group 'Donkey' Art

Trademark Art "Donkey" by Anderson Design Group Vintage advertisement on Wrapped Canvas Size:

East Valley Children's Theatre Posters on Behance

Type in the tree trunk East Valley Children's Theatre Posters by TunnelBravo , via Behance

This image uses red very well as it was the ideal colour for a campaign of this nature, as it is of a serious note (war), so a striking colour such as red was needed.

Graphic design inspiration, in search for the color red

This political poster was designed by Chamutal Leket for the Cactus Design Studio, and originates from Israel. This is a very well made poster due to the colours used. The black works well in contrast with the red.

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Never Expect Anything From Anyone by Prøpagandism

Self-portrait of Miyamoto Musashi

Miyamoto Musashi: Selfies are not limited to western artists. This selfie by Samurai, writer, and artist Miyamoto Musashi dates back to

According to CNN Trump has resigned from over 400 businesses. During a press conference last month he stated that he will give all the chares he holds to his sons in a trust.

Sébastien Thibault creates colorful and witty political illustrations

Based in quiet Québec, Sébastien Thibault expresses his talent on all the hot and controversial topics of the moment and get his work published in the most

Colombie : accord historique entre FARC et gouvernement / AFP

Colombie: silence définitif des armes de la guérilla des Farc

Colombie : accord historique entre FARC et gouvernement / AFP

Digital caricature of Donald Trump by Spot On George, available for publication. Other illustrations and caricature commissions undertaken

Portfolio gallery of digital caricatures, celebrity caricatures, published illustrations and latest artwork by master vector caricaturist Spot On George

Trump – Beware on Behance:

I remember hearing about a tabloid headline earlier this year of "Trump is the Antichrist", after the Pope criticised him for being 'un-christian.' Thought that would be fun illustration to visualise and this was the result.

Create a cool text portrait in photoshop,video tutorial

Create a cool text portrait in Photoshop

Vote Republican (Elephant) Prints by Anderson Design Group at AllPosters.com

Vote Republican (Elephant)

The Vote Republican Steel Sign is the perfect bit of retro decor for those who value small government, with art from Anderson Design Group! Copyright 2013 Anderson Design Group, Inc.