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12 Ideas To Spice Up Your Stairs.I like this with just one or two zebra stairs. Or one pattern mixed in w ombre.

Dossier spécial : escaliers

Use a stencil to add pizzazz to your stairs. Look at border stencils, which can be the same size as the risers, making it easy to position the stencil. This zebra-pattern border stencil happened to fit the risers.


Removable and Reusable Woodland Stream Stair Mural - eclectic - Wallpaper - Dc Metro - Casart Coverings

Saturated blues, from deep marine to Caribbean turquoise, are interspersed with cool gray and set off by lots of clean white, giving these stairs a sophisticated edge. | Photo: Geoffrey Hodgdon

Use Paint to Create Upbeat Stair Risers

cottage style staircase with risers painted variations of blue, paint ideas for stair risers

Lots of Zebra themed bedroom decor ideas for girls. Image shows a Removable Wall Decal Heart in a Zebra Print.

Sweet Heart Removable Wall Art Decal Sticker Decor Mural DIY Vinyl Décor Room Home (Zebra Stripe Heart)

modern wallpaper for staircase design

Adding Beautiful Wallpapers to Stairs Risers for Original Staircase Designs

wallpaper stair risers - MSL

Rug and Flooring Projects

Hot Pink and Black and White zebra print nightstand by bertha

Hot Pink and Black and White zebra print nightstand - (Idea only but it would be easy to do.) - I did something similar as a teenager with a large dresser, and bright red instead of the hot pink.

Start to finish carpeted to wood stairs! #staircase #wood_stairs

On Staircase: How-to remove carpet and then paint the unfinished wood stairs. Found on SAS Interiors

Basement stair idea - best one yet - high gloss stain on treads in a deep color with white wainscoting on the risers for beautiful contrast and high class look for less, just need to sand the treads to get the paint off....

For Instant Beauty. add Elbow Grease: Those Pesky OSB Stairs. Beadboard on stair risers