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We catch fireflies....in December ;) Luke Talley owns a gun...heavens! He's a drunken gunfighter! ;) Mr. Poppleberry moves slower than anyone else. "Really Momma? Real pearls?" -Jessilyn (Cottonwood Whispers)

We catch fireflies.) Luke Talley owns a gun. He's a drunken gunfighter! Poppleberry moves slower than anyone else.

From my childhood memories - always a dreaded thing to hear.

Scary Country Sayings "Go outside an' get me a switch!" My grandma and my mama !

Manners! {I totally do this everytime, I don't care how many times you wave! Or if it makes you feel like a little kid!}

i always do this cause i love how it makes me feel when people wait for me. so sweet! I'm from the south where this is just good raising.

Southernism: doohicky (though I used this in the great white north so not sure it isn't just a North Americanism

Southern sayings.Still use this today after, even after 7 years of higher education (all in the South) //Didn't know that was Southern, I use to say that, actually like the word .


Funny Weekend Ecard: Here in the South, we don't hide crazy. We parade it on the front porch and give it a cocktail.

14 Things I've Realized Going To School In The South | The Odyssey

14 Things I've Realized Going To School In The South

For those of us who grew up in the South but have moved elsewhere, we love our roots and all they have provided. There's a lot that I've come to appreciate about the South.