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What your favorite member of One Direction says about you

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One Direction Unplugged: the Movie, the Girls, the Sold-Out World Tour

One Direction Shows Us Their Style Onstage And Off

I'm loving Niall's face in this picture! Not that I dont like his face noramlly, I just like his face a little extra in this picture.

Poor guys. YAY us. | Here's One Direction Getting Very, Very Wet On Stage

One Direction Got Completely Soaked On Stage And It Was Marvellous

this is one direction's biggest fan everybody


here is one direction's biggest fan everybody. I've heard he's been to every concert, every VIP, knows the boys on a personal level, and has been pulled on stage multiple times.<<< He also knows where they live and has their phone numbers.

One Direction is actually more talented and attractive than I thought they were! Louis might just be my new celebrity crush, haha.

Christmas Haul Update // New Year Update

30 signs that you've been a One Direction fan since the very beginning

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I still believe in the but the worst part is... that it's already happening

Noooooooo they will be back they promised I believe them but Harry Styles single Louis' mum birthday was today :( and he performed at ultra and Zayn left on March Niall Horan is so chill this is too intense

Niall you do know you in One Direction not 5SOS right?

5SOS Updates on

Ashton Irwin, Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood, and Niall Horan 5 seconds of summer one direction