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Just found out Nialler is crying at MSG. It is a dream come true for him! Why am I not at MSG right now *sigh*

If niall looked at me like that i would probably die <<< If Niall looked at me at all I would probably die<< if i were breathing the same air as Niall I would set myself on fire <<<< Escalation Level: Directioner.... Lol

Niall backstage with Beatrice Miller in X Factor. Beatrice, my jealousness is never going to be over.

Ziall imagine. Well Niall, I'm actually jealous of both of you in this situation.

I'm a Niall's girl, so Niall is my hisband, so I'll be jealous at Zayn xD ♥

Loki is so precious! I guess Paul finally let them have a dog on tour! @Stephanie Waldock PAUL LET THEM GET A PUPPYYYYYYY!!!!!! FGHAKJALFHJKGNJKDJKSDJ

Loki likes Nialler's bunk! Haha that is so sweet! This dog has absolutely taken up residence in my heart!

Ummm.... huhhh? Am I missing something. This is to many new gf's at once I can't. dude i cant keep up<<< what's this!! Does anyone know anything about this??

Battle of the bands! One Direction's Niall Horan takes on JLS star Aston Merrygold on the golf course

Am I missing something. This is to many new gf's at once I can't.<<< if this were the whole picture, you'd see the girls mother taking a picture of them. she's a fan. someone just cropped the photo.

I didn't wanna pin this before... But I don't hate her. I'm just immensely jealous -_-

Embarrassing to admit but yes>>> actually it's 2015 almost 2016 and I'm still jealous

I love that fan<3 Niall deserves to hear that from everyone because it's the truth :) if I ever meet him I'm going to tell him that <3

aww if i ever met him i would want to say something like that :) this fan is about my favorite person in the world right now. Thanks for making Niall smile :)

Another reason why I ship #Hellen.....they'd bond over the Packers and Harry would get jealous when Ellen swoons over Aaron Rodgers.  -H

Didn't have a valentine date but Niall wished me a happy valentines day AND told me he loved me.

Can we talk about the fact that Harry's holding that girl like she's his soulmate?

Remember when a fan asked the boys at the M&G to couple up and do cheesy prom poses and the boys ended up doing this