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Dynamic struggles

Only pinning it for the tuba part. Because it was hilarious and I play tuba

grammar/music pun

The graphic is humorous because it's a pun AND it's music related. Clever, Comical Pun It doesn't say anything about man kind. It's just a pun about music and a play on words.


French horn humor <<< hey i play the trumpet :) <<<<I took French horn lessons once. I sucked

Must be the ending of a Beethoven Sonata.

Well, damn.

Music notation says: "Repeat Forever. - Funny music notation wants you to repeat it forever.

I feel like only a music nerd would understand and appreciate this!!

My Franz Are Nothing but Treble

Band meme

Take A Stand! yes,sometimes you have to take a stand.sometimes when people push you have to push back because turning the other cheek only works for so long!

piano/guitar/violin lessons all comes down to this =]

If you can read music, this is cute. I'm sorry if you can't read music but this is kinda funny, so if you ask I might just comment what it says. Haha it says "you are a BABE"