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for anyone who has seen the south park episode when they play world of warcraft, and the sword of 100 truths or whatever.weird but funny!

Robert Downey Jr.

we shed nerd tears a lot in our house. like whenever we look at neat things we built in the yard, or demolished inside the house.

Quite funny.  I've been a fan of Nathan since Firefly!  Maybe I can convince him to do voice work on Frank and Steinway, when I eventually get around to animating it!

Always call Nathan Fillion when voice actors break down

Always call Nathan Fillion when voice actors break down. To celebrate the release of the Justice League: Doom DVD, Nathan Fillion has staged an intervention with the voice of Superman, actor Tim Daly. The results are expectedly awesome.

I got: Get quirky!! Where's your bright place?

Where's your bright place?

Zooey Deschanel Jessica Day (Jess) New Girl - "I like being weird!

We're going kneecapping... | Person of Interest hahahaha so John...

When the folks of Person of Interest start rolling, you better watch out.

Big Bang Theory

How many times does Sheldon say ''BAZINGA'' during the ball pit scenes the scene at the end) - The Big Bang Theory Trivia Quiz

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Dwarfs, Hot Dwarves, Fili And Kili, Richard Armitage Funny, Snow White

Or all three.  Bonus points for all three. And Firefly too. And Merlin. You know what...I'm gonna have to make a list...a LOOONG list

Or all three. Bonus points for all three. and likes to read.attractive receives bonus points You know what.I'm gonna have to make a list.

Show 'em how it's done Tom!

Swag vs Class I hate 'SWAG' but I LOVE I already pinned this, but i must pin this again!