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‘The Invisible Cities’ is a series of surreal and imaginative oil paintings by Polish artist Marcin Kolpanowicz


Fantasy Tall Castle born out of a discussion at an exhibition 6 years ago. The Artist “Hayden” used Usual method for that pictures: rough sketch on back of mounting board and also wet work -watercolour and some ink. Ludwig ii would have loved it

Jared illustrations tageszeitung_aug_2012

What a playful piece from Jared Illustrations. When I was a kid I used to love drawing things like this. A very well executed illustration.

Автор картины Vytautas Laisonas Сайт автора: http://vytautaslaisonas.com/

Автор картины Vytautas Laisonas

El arte surrealista de Jacek Yerka « Humanismo y Conectividad

El arte surrealista de Jacek Yerka

This is a list of the most awesome, spectacular, and entertaining fantasy worlds created. These fantasy worlds are not always just from books, but also from movies .

Capanna di Baba formula a zampe di pollo. Grande di Pomyslownia

Found on the attic in the dusted archive of the Gnomes Maps and Schemes Repositorium is the drawing of Baba Yagas chicken-legged hut.


the rock island with sunset / takanori aiba made in miniature around a bonsai tree