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This is shit Jeremy would do!

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Wth did you just say?

One time in first grade I was trying to tell my teacher that I couldn't drink the red dye snow cone and he looked away and smiled and laughed and said "*laugh* yes :)"


ugh i hate when my mom dose that to me like um your so much closer to it like get off your lazy butt and do it your self i thought you had me to love and stuff not to be a maid

True life

The realities of math class. This was my reality with math from middle school through college. Maybe once all my kids are in school I should take a math class and sharpen my skills.

Try me

It's not every day that a baby doll leaves me feeling threatened<< plus Chucky ,would leave you scarred for life

21 People Who Have A Worse Day Than You

21 People Who Have A Worse Day Than You

21 People Who Have A Worse Day Than You😂👏the wild corn dogs

For real! It's so annoying

Every work microwave, ever. I love how the plastic container can melt whilst it preserves ice crystals in my lean cuisine.