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oh my fucking god. Ill admit it. Ive done this a few times.

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So true. A bih be pettier than a mofo.

True my mom does this all the time

So true. Some things only your mom can do.

Im literally procrastinating instead of doing homework and I'm fucking dying laughing lmaooo xoxo Rae

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Piece of crap microwave

And then I'll be like no you better text quicker !

oooooh yes i hate when bae does that


Me & my best friend was just talking about her leaving things to soak in…

Trueee this would be me in the blue text

Just don't be stupid

Bruh yasss the accuracy

Bruh yasss the accuracy

Bouta hit him with this later!!! Hahaha

Bouta hit him with this later!

Workout talk to bae sleep repeat follow me for more@watspoppinbishh

Let's be real guys and girls do this.

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i will for sure be saying this next time i get a damn C on something next school semester

Omg I cannot say how many times this has come out of my boyfriend's mouth. Like no I'm looking good for my damn self.

Omg I cannot say how many times this has come out of my boyfriend's mouth. Get with the fucking program.

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