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Reason to Be Fit: to prove to your friends weight training isn't JUST for men.

Minds musings: October 2011

Most Popular Pins brought to you by Luda :) Reason To Be Fit so you can be unstoppable

If I looked like this I wouldn't have problems with being self conscious...

Being fit doesn't make you less self conscious. Learning to love yourself for who you are no matter what makes you less self conscious.

except after long run days, then you just feel like you're going to throw up :)

Reason To Be Fit 'cause chasing a goal is better than running from fear ----------- I feel like this applies to law school too

bc endorphins are the best antidepressant

December 27, 2011

this is why i work out!- working out gives you endorphins. endorphins make you happy. happy people just don't kill their husbands.


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