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Funny pictures about Chef Dog. Oh, and cool pics about Chef Dog. Also, Chef Dog.

If we had a real garbage can and not a trash compactor this would be exactly what would happen with my dogs.

"I have no idea how it happened." The photo is funny but the problem is real. Dogs can suffocate trying to get food in the trash/recycling or can eat something poisonous.

Funny Animal Pictures With Captions - 22 Pics

Oh, a mirror! - Funny kitten watching The Lion King on a laptop: "Oh, I didn't know this was a mirror!

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Funny pictures about Guilty Dog. Oh, and cool pics about Guilty Dog. Also, Guilty Dog photos.

A little potty humor! ;)  It's all fun and games 'til someone steps in it! lol

I get to run around the yard and sniff things and poop wherever I want.and you have to poop in a box!

look I usually don't like these public humiliation posts but this one made me laugh...sorry pups ;)

Dogs are mankind's best friend, yet they are naughtier than rest of the creatures. Check out these 20 awesome dog shaming hilarious pictures!

Check out these 17 funny dog pictures that will make you laugh

Funny pictures about Husky after a bath. Oh, and cool pics about Husky after a bath. Also, Husky after a bath.

OHHH the irony.

Dog training for dummies. Our dog did the same thing once and chewed the dog training book!