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I have had concerts where I felt this way about a conductor...

"It's a wild wacky inflatable arm-flailing tube man!" "As opposed to a domesticated wacky inflatable arm-flailing tube man?

"I always dismissed Canadian stereotypes, and then I remembered that my friend has canoed to my house."

Literally Just A Bunch Of Funny Tumblr Posts About Canadian Stereotypes

"I always dismissed Canadian stereotypes, and then I remembered that my friend has canoed to my house.

No it's a cardigan

The Drunk Baby Meme is a photo of a cute little boy next to a very large beer and making, what seems like, a drunk gesture.

I don't know how he married this woman. It hurts to watch this.

WATCH: Girl Does Nothing For 'Dumb Blonde' Stereotype

If you ever feel a little stupid, watch this and feel better. Hahahahahaaha I beg you watch this video I was laughing so hard this girl is a legit blonde. John didn't get this either.

this is hilarious ahahahaha nicki minaj and lil wayne !!!!!

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SO. SO. SO CUTE!!! Oh my gosh, this is adorable! |Disney||Tinkerbell||Kids humor||Funny pictures|

The Happiest Boy In The World Meets Tinkerbell

Oh course, he's happy, he's at Disney World with Tinkerbell. One day I hope my child looks this excited standing with a character from Disney and that picture will be framed.

Awesome....love Liam Nesson

Moar Randomness...

Funny pictures about Don't mess with Mister Neeson. Oh, and cool pics about Don't mess with Mister Neeson. Also, Don't mess with Mister Neeson.

funny bingo quotes | bingo night old people funny | The Funny Pictures

bingo night old people funny--This isn't usually my thing to post pictures like…

this Disney star may be the one to not go crazy when she grows up

Zendaya Loves A Photo Collage That A Zswagger Made Of Her Time On “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Workers needed

Let's all take a moment and appreciate the fact someone's job is making dildos

If Barbie were an actual woman she would be 5’9” tall, have a 39” bust, an 18” waist, 33” hips and a size 3 shoe.   Barbie's weight is 110 lbs and is 5’9” tall. Barbie would have a BMI of 16.24 and fit the weight criteria for anorexia. If Barbie was a real woman, she’d have to walk on all fours due to her proportions.Slumber Party Barbie came with a bathroom scale permanently set at 110 lbs with a book entitled “How to Lose Weight” with directions inside stating simply “Don’t eat.”

The Scary Reality of a Real-Life Barbie Doll - Barbie's proportions brought to life: bust, waist, She was built as a part of the first National Eating Disorder Awareness Week (NEDAW) Barbies not a role model


OMG I LAUGHED(it's the silly things that crack me up! I used the voice too! Haha) I lost my khakis. and what it means in Boston