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But then after so long the pain ain't even there no more

Waiting for someone to show that they appreciate me.

so many people know me well and they dont deserve it. i literally think about how i wasted my time on people who dont care about me every night and it hurts

i regret opening up to some people. it just bugs me knowing there's a few out there who didn't even deserve to know me like that.

Ima say this to my friend 2morrow I swear the chick be trying me

I don't like wasting energy on holding grudges, but I also hate holding on to people who obviously don't have my heart in mind. I can understand but I won't forgive.

Fellas, you have to let that misogynistic mind state go. & Ladies, you have to stop letting the opinions of these guys dictate your life. Just because a woman is twerking on IG or doing a nude photoshoot doesn't mean she ain't work to get that degree.