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yassss i like being awake and like doing things in the morning but literally i could sleep all day and i like sleep

Every time I meet someone new and I know I am going to see them again I will dress way better than I did before!

So true. Like at school I usually look awful cause of the dress code, and I'm just thinking, I can look like a New Yorker woman with a fabulous job in fashion pls it's not my fault I look this ugly.

When I die press my ashes into a smokey eyeshadow palette

36 Beauty Memes That Will Make You LOL: Few things have the ability to brighten our day like a solid meme - smokey eyeshadow

♡ Breakfast at Sadie's ♡

It's all fun and games until you see your foundation in actual daylight

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Pinterest: @ Aguilarrrr ❣


don't ever feel bad about how awkward you are while trying to make friends because trust me i am worse sigh>>honestly I do this but my dad always gets so mad cuz he's all "just tell the story already!