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Random person: Whos Black Veil Brides? Andys me if someone says they dont know who Black Veil Brides is.

I don't have any all -

I don’t have any all

Yep. I cleaned out my wardrobe just after I started listening to BVB and if something wasn't merch, black, white, flannel, leather or denim, it went XD

Congratulations Black Veil Brides you turned me emo lol thank you


I don't care where I am, if someone reminds me of a song/band, I smile and do a little happy dance. *Insert fangirl scream here*

This is so me when my mom takes me to HotTopic

My mom won't let me go to hot topic anymore and I can't wear band mercy more than 2 times a week. Thanks mom!

lol Andy = perfection. The world would be a better place if we could all get a free kiss from Andy... and Ash.. and CC... Jake... And of course Jinxx

The world would be a better place if we could all get a free kiss from Andy and Ash and CC and Jake And Jinxx

Sleeping with sirens I think I can't really see, black veil brides, my chemical romance, Peirce the veil, falling in reverse these are not in order so....

(top to bottom) Bring Me The Horizon, Black Veil Brides, My Chemical Romance, Falling In Reverse, and Pierce The Veil; BVB forever :D

Only andy would want to beat someone with a spatula... But I would probably do the same

Poor Ashley gets blamed. But he probably did steel them, and sneakily distributed them to Jake, CC, and Jinxx.

That awkward moment when Black Veil Brides doesn't even get mentioned in my class yet I still rep in this ;