Summer in Finland, sauna and a lovely striped Blanka-towel from Nest Factory

Maior casa na arvore do mundo (5)

The world’s biggest tree house, also known as the Minister’s treehouse, was built in Crossville, Tennessee by Horace Burgess. The magnificent structure is

Skyddat skärgårdsläge bild 3

House Morran - a renovated cottage sheathed in black pine tar-coated plywood near Gothenburg, Sweden by Johannes Norlander Arkitektur Photos by Rasmus Norlander


~~I LOVE this Tiny House!small cabin with upstairs balcony 01 Tiny Cabin with Balcony and Small Space Ideas Galore

Minihus ny trend – vill bo lånefritt och eko | Leva & bo | Expressen

Cabin deep in the woods of Northern California. Spring water and solar power and scavenged wood and antique portholes from real ships - from Tiny House Swoon - Futura Home Decorating