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Lone Fisherman Struggles to Pronounce the Savior’s Name, and It’s Strangely Hypnotic

Lone Fisherman Struggles to Pronounce the Savior’s Name, and It’s Strangely Hypnotic

Lone Fisherman Struggles to Pronounce the Savior’s Name, and It’s Strangely Hypnotic

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there's no better way to create more atheists than reading the bible.


ASSHOLE Outraged can't describe the way I feel. What the hell has happened to the US? This utter bastard must be sacked if he hasn't already. He has diminished the USA in the eyes of the world, which is a form of treason.

"Jane Therese Curtin (born September 6, 1947) is an American actress and comedian. She is sometimes referred to as 'Queen of the Deadpan'; The Philadelphia Inquirer once called her a 'refreshing drop of acid'. She was included on a 1986 list of the 'Top Prime Time Actors and Actresses of All Time'."

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SNL’s Jane Curtin Smacks Down Fox News In During Anniversary Special. “Times have changed since I first sat at this desk. For example, I used to be the only pretty blonde woman to read the fake news. Now there’s an entire network devoted to that.


Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary. Like and share this plate of pasta within 10 seconds, and the flying spaghetti monster will bless you with everlasting breadsticks.

I wanna share this on Facebook so bad but don't feel like dealing with all the religious idiots on there who will comment even though directions clearly states to comment if you dont believe and even though I never comment on their stupid posts thattsay to comment/link/share if you do believe

I wonder if God dies like Tinkerbell does when no one believes in him.we need to outlaw clapping and Kumbaya!

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kinda ironic, a guy named "Ray" thinks there's more evidence for "god" than the sun.

My problem with Church...and I love God!

Homer Simpson - Why should I spend half my Sunday hearing about how I'm going to Hell? God - Hmm, you've got a point there. Dear Churches, try talking more about God's love instead of God's wrath.

What's the best thing about the progressive messages on "The Simpsons"? The fact that it's aired by FOX.

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i wish republicans actually tried to act like Jesus

The Jesus I learned about in school would be moderately liberal Pagan activist today.