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Peggy Had Many Valentines Day Cards

Peggy is a whore. lol, I got this from my friend via email. I lmao. Peggy had many valentine car-: 15 while only had one., Peggy is a where. "Viola doesn't swallow" what are You looking over here for there are green buttons to press

"People think I'm sassy."  "People think you're a bitch."

People think I'm sassy. People think you're a bitch. Yup I know some people who would say this bout me.

Aggressive fingers...

Rise of the Finger Ninja! Someone has way too much time on their hands.or is that fingers?

The thrill is gone....

hahahahahaha - nothing like being tasered to add 'spark' to your relationship!

Booze also tells me it's a great idea to get naked every time i drink

Booze is an asshole:

The Bud bottle is accurate, but Jack Daniels always tells me "Of course it'd be awesome if you danced like a fool and made out with random strangers!