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[mixi] 説明なし

Pit Bulls In Flower Crowns Result In A Seriously Heart-Tugging Photo Series

This has got to be one of the cutest things ever.

Pit Bull Photos That Prove They're The Snuggliest, Silliest, Coolest Dogs On The…

Pit bull, regardless of what anybody wants to think about them...they are some of the sweetest dogs i have ever met...we shouldnt be punishing the animal, but the human that is ignorant enough to raise them to fight...

I hate when people say that pitbulls are the most dangerous dogs because all dogs are the kindest.


Portraits of Dogs with Garlands

Sophie Gamamd's project "Flower Power, Pit Bulls of the Revolution" aims at softening the breed image as well as increase adoption rates of Pit Bulls. Baby from Sean Casey Rescue


Pitbull Flower Power: La campaña que intenta demostrar que los Pitbull son tiernos!