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I will always be here for you. ❤

Wyoming was such a neat place. In the afternoon of day 2 of our trip, we took a scenic byway and got to drive on top of a butte (and I got to sit up front for awhile!) and look for wild horses.

❤ OMG --- could this be more precious ? ❤ #Bulldogs

Bulldog family I feel so sorry for bulldogs as they can't really breath properly

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A dormir!! ZZZZZZ....ZZZZzzzz....zzzz...zz

Lotte is one dog tired Bulldog, content and sleeping soundly on her humans lap

❤..... Deep in thought or just wondering what's for dinner

Deep in thought or just wondering what's for dinner. Regardless, our hearts are snagged with that look. ❤ Posted on Bulldog Pics

Baggy Bulldogs

Bulldog - Calm Courageous and Friendly

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