pretty much. Though sometimes Jace and Will really piss me off with their tortured soul crap. I'm like, Just freakin tell someone how you feel or hide it, don't do half of each

Accurate representation of how Cassandra Clare books work.<<< yes and her newest series The Dark Artifacts is coming out soon so the process will start all over again

Oh Mags. I love this man so much.

I LOVE Magnus Bane. I must have put the book down and laughed for far longer than I should have at this part!<<<Ladies and gentlemen I present to you, Magnus Bane the High Warlock of Brookland

The mortal instruments PERFECT!!!!! awwwww so many feelings

The mortal instruments PERFECT! awwwww so many feelings bahahahah dead ok I shall return to hugging jace

Clace :') they perf

The Mortal Instruments funny. He didn't actually sleep with Clary in Idris, he just spent the night in her room.