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Jaime said, "whenever wherever.its my mom and sue" lol :-)

Dad Joke Survivors

Funny pictures about Dad Joke Survivors. Oh, and cool pics about Dad Joke Survivors. Also, Dad Joke Survivors photos.

Cool LEGO news

bob ross lego man :D .I always loved Bob Ross and his "happy little clouds"!

Laugh Out Loud With These Funny Squirrel Memes

Laugh Out Loud With These Funny Squirrel Memes

Other pinner said- I believe in prayer throughout the day, not just at meals, however, I've been there. Especially when other people start to pray and you're already eating!

This makes me laugh out loud :)

I just replaced the can of air freshener in the office bathroom with an air horn. An now we wait.perfect for the office.

So true!  It's exciting to hear Jehovah's name and know millions of others are hearing it at the same time!

Heard it on Everybody Hates Chris one time and that was my reaction, even if not visibly I was definitely feeling like that inside

Those terrible crayons.

No kid should EVER have to color w/Rose Art << hahaha, sometimes it had cool colors that crayola didn't as far as markers are concerned, but the crayons really sucked. CRAYOLA FOR LIFE!

You sing your pretty little heart out anyway!!! I do and I sound like a cat falling out of a tall building.. lol

I do and I sound like a cat falling out of a tall building.

Truth - for answers to life's most difficult questions ( ie. help finding scriptures in God's Word) go to (over a hundred years of research available now from JW's) People need hope. Please feel free to take a look. No obligation of any sort. No sign up needed.

Question traditions and ceremonies.they are likely rooted in un-Christian beliefs

i call him smiley because you can see and hear his smile:)

A sister Hill did theses precious sketches. I just love Brother Let. He's so jolly and loves Jehovah God and Jesus Christ!