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✈˚ ★ See The World Travel Map ♦ *purple alliums in front of the George Washington Statue, Public Garden (Boston Commons), Boston, MA

Dandelion carmanvzp  "Some may see a field of 100 weeds, while others see a field of 1,000 wishes."

It is things that are as beautiful as this that remind me that God loves beauty. God created beautifully, no accident could do this. That is one of the many reasons that I know there is a God.

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Purple Loosestrife, Troy Meadows, New Jersey. Who knew New Jersey actually had pretty things?

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Nothing so beautiful as the silence of a snow covered street at night. Been here the beautiful Quebec.

Venecia, Italy

Rita Crane Photography: Venice, Italy -- Garden Gate entrance to the beautiful church San Giorgio dei Grecie, in the Castello district of Venice. One glides into the docking place & steps onto marble stairs to get to the garden courtyard.

Vineyards near Heilbronn, Germany

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Vineyards near Heilbronn, Germany by Hans Georg Fischer ,Beautiful place for a walk! It's just rainbow of sunshine!

Boston, beautiful Beacon Hill

Vernon Street, Beacon Hill, Boston, MA because of the name. I grew up on Beacon Hill in Worcestershire, UK