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I was listening to lost then cypher pt 4 came on and I was totally caught off guard TF rap line is Gotta give it to the haters if it wasn't for them this wouldn't have happened

omg don't cry my jiminie

Crying is not weakness, if you feel like you will break out just do it, holding back is more harmful for your body and soul

Tell them Joonie!

I will pin this multiple times in a row, just so that it is pushed out therefore in the world

Yeah that's my genius but he also said he was satisfied with it b/c he didn't spend more time on it

This is a true rapper~👀 an Amazing person, who expresses himself through music🎤 Its such a great thing💕

Pshhh. Oh yeah. He's dark and scary, and I'm a bear ;)

Min Yoongi really is a warm, kind, teddy bear under his cold exterior.