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I almost never get hot drinks. Like ever. Unless maybe it's like -57 degrees. Lol

stll getting cold starbucks drinks in the winter

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Not Knowing Which Color To Choose -Just Girly Things .this is every time I go to the nail shop.

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Way too much.

That is, uh, really, um, true


Every bite making your mouth water for

Just the girly things

Little things I love, listening to music on road trips . just girly things

And that's who I am.....

Oh golly I get told all the time by T that I am super stubborn.and that's who I am

Always happens! #neverknow

39 Fabulous Nail Art For Fall - just girly things

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hmmmm, I occasionally wonder about that and am relieved that I'm NOT one of "those girls" XD

My brother says you need me and I say nah I'm sups independent then see a spider and turn  to him and just be like never mind now get rid of the spider

getting someone else to grt rid of the spider (there scary! I hate spiders)

Going through old pictures

I love going through old pictures! The memories :)

Cuando su mano se calienta por sostener su café ♡

When your hand gets warm from holding coffee? I think "Just Girly Things" is running out of ideas.

just girly things

Just Girly Things: Dipping Your Feet in Cold Water When It's Hot Out

Nails nails nails>>>>>>

When You Are Afraid To Touch Anything After Painting Your nails -Just Girly things

Describes Me perfectly!!!

Having Amazing Fashion Sense But Not Enough Money. Just Girly Things.