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On a cold morning in January Maxime Beland entered Ubisoft’s Montreal studio, swiping his way through layer after layer of security, and sat

Sam Fisher

Sam Fisher from the Splinter Cell, series. "I'm tired and I hate making people scream;

Apocalypsepack.com / black post apocalyptic fashion / cyber / sci fi / LARP / dark future

The Forsaken Armour (but with more skull and bones painted in fluorescent paint and/or white paint) (inner city FRAGS - "fragment gangs" they are like cockroaches because they are everywhere in the concrete jungles.

Splinter Cell- fan girls make me laugh. :D

Splinter Cell- fan girls make me laugh.

Splinter Cell Conviction: Concept Art by Xavier Thomas, via Behance

Splinter Cell Conviction- I actually thoroughly enjoyed this game. To me, Michael Ironside is Sam Fisher and I don't like replacements!

...great games...splinter cell

Sam Fisher in Splinter Cell wallpapers Wallpapers) – Art Wallpapers

Archer of Third Echelon. My favorite character in Splinter Cell Conviction with sarcastic quotes. Archer: "From America with love asshole" Archer: "Assh.

Tom Clancy's splinter cell stealth suit

Third Echelon's Enhanced Special Ops Suit, better known as the Shadow Armor, is a suit used.

Ghost Recon Phantom /Far Cry4 Pack -All 3 Classes Headgears, Khan SevenFrames on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ghost-recon-phantom-far-cry4-pack-all-3-classes-headgears

ArtStation - Ghost Recon Phantom /Far Pack -All 3 Classes Headgears, Khan SevenFrames