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Like God, it's a true companion & never disappoints! A real blessing!

Dear Music, I will never be able to Thank you enough for always being there for me. ron was my music man, I love listening to music that we shared together.

Good to know

no wonder i named this board "my music, my happy!" ~this is great news ~ not to mention all the other benefits shown on other pins.♫♥♪ (love music for music, anyway).

Just don't. I once listened to you only live once all night ( i fell asleep to it) then listen to it all the way to school the next morning on repeat

I have literally listened to welcome to the black parade like 100 times today

Story of my life>>> literally. I am an introverted dork.

*puts thumbs up* But idk being a socially awkward teenager that listens to bands all day is kinda fun