TORKAD Keittiöpaperiteline IKEA Telineessä oleva tukitanko helpottaa paperin repäisemistä.

TORKAD Keittiöpaperiteline - IKEA

IKEA TORKAD Kitchen roll holder Silver-colour The kitchen roll holder has a support bar that makes it easier to tear off paper.

$24 to a case, $1 each | Bulk Cooking Concepts Stainless-Steel Whisks at

Bulk Cooking Concepts Stainless-Steel Whisks at

Whisk it — whisk it good! Cooking Concepts® Stainless-steel whisks are a must-have tool for every busy kitchen! Perfect for whipping up batters, frosting, eggs, and more!

KONCIS Pasapuré - IKEA

KONCIS Pasapuré, ac inox

IKEA has pots and pans, bakeware, kitchen utensils, and containers - everything you need to cook delicious meals and store them!


ФИНТОРП Рейлинг, черный

IKEA - FINTORP, Rail, For a longer rail, connect two FINTORP rails together using only one bracket.

IKEA - ANVÄNDBAR, Kehrschaufel und Besen, Die Schaufel kann Platz sparend abgeklappt werden, wenn sie nicht gebraucht wird.

IKEA - ANVÄNDBAR, Dustpan/broom, The dustpan is foldable to save space when not in use.The loop at the end is handy for hanging on the wall and keeping close at hand.

ENUDDEN Perchero, blanco 170 cm € 24,99	 / ud Referencia artículo: 202.469.06

IKEA ENUDDEN Hat and coat stand White 170 cm You can keep umbrellas in the lower part of the coat stand.

IKEA 365+ Botella+tapón, vidrio incoloro, corcho


IKEA - IKEA 365 , Carafe with stopper, Also suitable for hot drinks.Slim carafe with a practical stopper, ideal for storing in the fridge door.

Cooking Concepts White Wire Paper Towel Holders

Bulk Cooking Concepts White Wire Paper Towel Holders at

Wire paper towel holders keep your rolls in place as you pull off what you need. They securely hold the paper towel rolls so you can easily unroll them and pull a towel off with just one hand. Perfect for bathrooms, home kitchens, restaurants, and shops.

ENUDDEN Hat and coat stand - IKEA ($30) - possible base to create a Night Circus grandfather clock/envelope holder.

IKEA - ENUDDEN, Hat and coat stand, You can keep umbrellas in the lower part of the coat stand.Plastic feet under the coat stand make it stable and protect the floor underneath.

Fuentes de servir - Fuentes & Bandejas - IKEA

IKEA BLANDA BLANK Serving bowl Stainless steel 12 cm The serving bowls in the BLANDA series are available in several different materials and sizes – mix .

Organiza y guarda tus alimentos

Oil & vinegar set, frosted glass and stainless steel. See Ikea Hacks - someone created outdoor torches from an Ikea oil and vinegar set - maybe try that hack with this set instead?

works really great, but much better when you peel the garlic and cut off the end.  thanks norbert!

KONCIS Garlic press, stainless steel

IKEA KONCIS Garlic press Stainless steel The insert can be removed for easier cleaning.