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Cassandra of Troy

Cassandra of Troy. I would love to read a version where Clytemnestra kills Cassandra out of mercy not hate.

— Daniella Michallen, “Persephone Speaks”

— Daniella Michallen, “Persephone Speaks” a woman with her own mind who made a choice. She wasn't a helpless girl who was carried off as a prize, she left of her own free will with passion and fire in her heart.

From Hades to Persephone-by Lee Ann Schaffer

It is said that Hades abducted Persephone. But who had kidnapped his heart? Who was kidnapped and who was the kidnapper, Persephone, Lady of Spring and Summer, Lady of the Underworld? Lady of Hades' heart.

Apollo and Icarus

your radiance is magnetising & if i get burnt from it, then let my ashes be spread upon the ground on which you tread.

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