151105 arriving from Beijing KBS & CCTV collaboration The Korea & China Song Festival @ Beijing)

veja as reações dos BTS eu também vou tentar postar dois episódios po… #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad

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Read Lost from the story Biker Boy (Jungkook Smut) by Parkjiminsbae (KellysBaeB❤) with reads.

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ppl sometimes don't understand when i say BTS is my life ❤

Pq meu crush não nasceu igual o JungKook??? Mas gosto dele do msm assim

Pq meu crush não nasceu igual o JungKook? Mas gosto dele do msm assim


[Extended oneshot] Can a normal girl fall for one of the most popular… Fanfiction

To be honest, each day is tiring and difficult. But I believe that the sole reason I can make it through is because of our ARMY's~~Jung Hoseok

J-Hope. His smile is literally like a ray of sunshine beaming down on us and making our days brighter, he needs to smile always. Hoseok is literally a precious beam of sunshine and he needs to be protected, okay, he's too precious for this world


I just noticed THT Jungkookie kinda looks like chunji and Cheondung.