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Mitod Jocin

What is Your Star Wars Name???

What's your Star Wars name? Mine was awesome. Hard to pronounce, but awesome.

Gandalf and Obi-Wan

You Shall Not Pass Gandalf Obi-Wan Lord of the Rings Star Wars Meme Crossover!

Remembering Star Wars vs. Rewatching Star Wars

Remembering Star Wars vs. Rewatching Star Wars

Rewatching Star Wars <--- just forget about the word on the last block

Be Like Han  (...and ignore the grammatical errors, people)

Be like Han

This could qualify for geekery, but there's an actual message here. When pushed: life, love, work. push back. Fight, and give it your all! Even if it seems hopeless. We show our true character when we are at our most vulnerable.

Storm trooper chair.

The Stormtrooper deck chair and other geek furniture - I'm thinking I could modify the Adirondack chair pattern.

Wenn ihr jetzt beginnt, seid ihr morgen Mittag fertig - und die echten Fans schauen dann noch die beiden Ewok-Filme, Lego Star Wars und TCW! http://www.jedipedia.net/wiki/Kategorie:Filme

I did that and received a headache that lasted 2 days. Please LotR is minimum 23 hours nonstop marathon.

When someone mentions Star Wars

yep this is totally me . and if I hear the star wars theme song I come running. Or any star wars theme period.