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The months have felt like years but what's the difference. You're my best friend Maddie! I love you munchkin ❤️

30 Best friendship captions

30 Best Friendship Captions

A close friend is one who can see pain through your eyes while others believe smile on your face. A true friend is one who can understand your feelings while you don’t have to speak a word .

Friend or Best Friend?

Friend or Best Friend?

This is so friggin true it's not even funny. But they forgot one thing, well, my best friend does this. She calls my mom, mom and my siblings sister and brother and stuff.

Each one is very special to me in their own way. I am very lucky to have the friends that I do and very grateful for meeting new ones too. I'm loving my job, my family, my friends, my hobbies and most of all my life and who I am. It has been a rough road to travel but it has been worth it.

For all my friends especially Katelyn Madison Annabelle Audrey Maria Mckinley Jordan Sarah grace and Chrislenn thanks for being great friends

Luv all my FRANDS! (Bob Haley karsyn Libby rylee and Katie)

Here are the top 10 quotes for best friends. There& nothing like having a true best friend and these quotes are perfect to show your appreciation for your best friend.


Funny quotes real friends vs fake friends with capture of it in white paper - Collection Of Inspiring Quotes, Sayings, Images

im not perfect and dont want to be your my bestfriend!! @emily katherine.

Dear BFF, Thank you for dealing with my imperfections and still always being there for me.


9 Best Friend Quotes

Dear best friend, please stay in my life forever because you're one of the best things to ever happen to me.

Stonya $ StoneE A*K*A Thelma and Louise! U better ask somebody ;-/

A friend will help you up if someone knocks you down. A best friend says, "Stay down. I got this." // I got this indeed.