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Orkideat - tyopoydan taustan: http://wallpapic-fi.com/luonto/orkideat/wallpaper-10152

white orchid close up photo in full high resolution. Phalaenopsis hybrids flowers range is size from to nearly in diameter.

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En tu jardín no pueden faltar flores blancas tan bonitas como estas

blue butterfly pea seeds clitoria ternatea heirloom by stseed

I loved this comment so had to keep it: and the award for most vulva-like flower goes to.Clitoria - Blue Pea Vine But really, I do love the shape and colour too. Some Butterfly Pea Vine shapes would be amazing.

Wild orchids - Ophrys exaltata archipelagi  claudiodelfuoco

Wild orchids - Ophrys exaltata archipelagi claudiodelfuoco

Today we showcase a humorous-looking orchid–Orchis italica, which (for self-evident reasons) is also known as the naked man orchid, the Italian orchid, or the naked fairy orchid. The orchid g…

Top 10 Funny Flowers That Make You Smile :) ~♥~ 4be1bd2b13d4611b9f3f7dfd6ab1c8df - What crosses your mind whenever someone mention “flower”? The most common adjective coming out of your thought should be beautiful or pretty. Well... ~♥~ ...SEE More :└▶ └▶ http://www.pouted.com/top-10-funny-flowers/

Top 10 Lovely Flowers That Smile All The Year

Anguloa virginalis

Anguloa virginalis

Large Wild Iris / Fairy Iris: Dietes grandiflora [Family: Iridaceae] - a rhozomatous perennial plant with long, rigid, sword-like green leaves.

I  grow Phaleanopsis Orchids like this in my bathroom!  This particular variety is easy to grow indoors... Beautiful Plant

Phaleanopsis Orchid this perticular variety is easy to grow indoors. Beautiful Plant I want one!