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50 Charming Moonlight Photography Ideas and Tips - Greenorc Photography is sa
21 Super Cute Photo Ideas to Take With Your Friends This Fall
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Bible Verses For A Season Of Waiting
No se cómo no s eme había ocurrido antes.
Summers are upon us and thanks to global warming it is getting otter and hotter each year. The sun rays are more torturous now a days due to the ozone layer depleting. But to protect your pretty eyes from all these unwanted troubles you got shades! And due to our ever evolving world of fashion …
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Mood board | Open Edition | People Places or Things, Photography - Photographer | NW Creative Arts Magazine December 2014 Edition | Models | B&W or Color | Nudity = Fine | Nothing Graphic | | Facebook Page / See Notes for Submission Guides. - Deadline 11/29
Your strands reveal more than you think!
Aptitude & Characteristics: Self-Improvement  What: Being committed to self-improvement by recognizing areas of weakness or areas I believe are important to improve How: I find people who I respect and imitate them, I research and I ask questions to my elders to improve myself Why: A leader needs to be able to admit their faults and be constantly reshaping themselves into a better and better leader
This fella’s best friend: | 16 People Who Really Know How To Take A Summer Photo
(A #mrkateinspo photo I posted on my Instagram, @mrkatedotcom from tumblr) And loook how cute! The above photo inspired these lovely ladies! (From @maddy_spisak on Instagram) What is #MrKateInspo? It’s a hashtag I started using a few months ago on Instagram because I often get asked, “how do you come up with your ideas?” and the answer [...] ...
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What are you doing for spring break? Traveling? Staying in? Hopping around town? Here are a few super cute photos to capture all the fun memories with your friends during the break!                    [Source: Pinterest]