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Call me son one more time fanart by arieyn. Fact: George Washington died on Alexander and Eliza's wedding anniversary (Dec. -CRIES IN CLOSET-

halorvic:  And ships And so the battle shifts!

halorvic: And ships And so the battle shifts!<< we Rendezvous with Rochambeau consolidate their gifts we can end this war in Yorktown cut them off at sea but for this to succeed there someone else we need.

Sassy King George -- I know this is supposed to be Hamilton but it's exactly how I always imagined George III xD


whats-your-name-man: thelilnan: Alex Hamilton discovers New York winters this is the cutest fanart i’ve ever seen i’m sitting here smiling like an idiot "IN IRELAND--" actual angry Irishman Mulligan XD

Leslie Odom, Jr., Chris Jackson, Daveed Diggs, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Philippa Soo

Leslie Odom Jr (Aaron Burr), Christopher Jackson (George Washington), Daveed Digga (Marquis de Lafayette), Renee Elise Goldsberry (Angelica Schuyler), and Philippa Soo (Eliza Hamilton)

Disney's The Lion King: The Musical | The Green Room

Disney’s The Lion King: The Musical

The Lion King Broadway Musical. I saw it in Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas and it is fantastic. I felt like I was watching Lion King for the first time.