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Call me son one more time fanart by arieyn. Fact: George Washington died on Alexander and Eliza's wedding anniversary (Dec. -CRIES IN CLOSET-

halorvic:  And ships And so the battle shifts!

halorvic: And ships And so the battle shifts!<< we Rendezvous with Rochambeau consolidate their gifts we can end this war in Yorktown cut them off at sea but for this to succeed there someone else we need.

...And ships, and so the battle shifts!! :D One of my favorites!!! LAFAYETTE

We rendezvous with Rochambeau consolidate their gifts. We can end this war in Yorktown, cut them off at see. For this to succeed there is someone else we need-I know HAMILTON

Your Most Obedient and Humble Servant

stegosaur: “ [Image description: There are five digital drawings of Hamilton kneeling down and young Philip reciting his poem from the song “Take a Break”. In the last drawing both Hamilton and Philip.