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Ennen tyylin muuttumista Catherinen hiukset olivat hulmuavan pitkät. Tätä tyyliä kuningattaren on huhuttu paheksuneen liian ”glamouriseksi”.

Kate Middleton is set to give birth to her second child any day now, and she continues to look amazing days past her due date! See what beauty products she relied on to look stunning and glowing during her pregnancy here.

Princess Diana...never seen this pic before either

April, Diana, Princess of Wales watching a children's show at Kahn's cancer hospital in Lahore, Pakistan.

January 24, 1985: Princess Diana on skiing holiday in Malbun, Liechenstein.

January Princess Diana on skiing holiday in Malbun, Liechenstein.

a young Lady Diana

In Honor of Diana, Princess of Wales, 54th Birthday #Diana

A young Diana Spencer. Apparently the Queen liked her because she thought Diana was a little hassle free girl who would sit quietly and do what was asked of her.


The Queen attends the funeral service of Baroness Thatcher at St Paul's Cathedral in London, 17 April © Press Association

29 August 1985 Prince Charles and Princess Diana meet Pope John Paul II. Private audiences with the Pope are a formal affair. Ladies should wear a long (well below the knees) dress. It should be black, with a matching hat or other head covering and veil. Exceptions are made for Catholic Queens and Queen Consorts who by dispensation may wear white. Hence Diana's  unusual apparel.

Prince Charles & Princess Diana visit the Vatican & meet with Pope John Paul II in Italy,

A look back at the style of the "people’s princess"

Diana, Princess Of Wales: A Life In Style

1995 - Diana wore an ankle-length red pleated skirt with a sleeveless black poloneck as she greeted well-wishers before entering the Royal Albert Hall. Love this look on her radiant.

Look_A_Likes - Create a royal baby shower...(posing as Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth)

Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth. Kate wears the most impecable sheer black pantyhose, small;

Aged 25 at her coronation in 1953, Lizzy looked young but in full command of her duties as Queen. That's what carrying the royal sceptre as a fashion accesory does for your look, frankly

Diamond jubilee: 60 years of the Queen's style - in pictures

1953 ~ Queen Elizabeth II poses with the royal sceptre after being crowned at Westminter Abbey in London

George and William Charlotte and kate

Four Beautiful Babies. Prince George and his Dad, Prince William; with Princess Charlotte and Mum, Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge.