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Hello, hiatus...

OMW bob the builder we are all crazy in this fandom and why is this so accurate

A Not-So Friendly Reminder About The Empty Hearse.

"that wasn't a friendly reminder" <-- agreed. <-- ditto<-- I've noticed any thing that starts off with friendly reminder and had a a picture of a fandom I'm in isn't friendly at all.

Maybe. Or he just got a room and he put the pads on it. Besides in the AB was he really in all those places?

I have a small mind place tht i use for school. If sherlock had a mind palace padded room, then he spent a significant amount of time in one

Well the Supernatural fandom is a cult so yes, I will accept this title

The Sherlock Fandom, the world's only consulting fandom. Also The world's most insane fandom

I need to hear ALL of these!

I would love to hear jim moriarty ^^<<<<<<<< "Hello, I'm the Doctor and this is my plus one, _______." I'd prefer the Doctor.

Plot twist-- the child is called Hamish, I adore #parentlock

It would be John's kid, and it would also be the first and last time John let Sherlock babysit. (If John ever lost his mind and let Sherlock babysit in the first place)

"Don't worry that's just my heart breaking, I didn't really need it for anything."

Don't worry that's just my heart breaking, I didn't really need it for anything. Just I didn't want Sherlock to get confused and think he did something wrong again.

I'm like 103% sure that he wouldn't even need to buy any of the Sherlock fandom a drink to get them in his bedroom

I just went to Sherlock Museum and this is actually something the guide says

I demand video evidence!

I demand video evidence!<<<< ngl, I laughed so hard I snorted when I read this

I need paint.

You know, someday I am going to be living in an apartment with my best friend and stumble upon a can of yellow spray paint. She's going to wake up the next morning and there will be a yellow smiley face on the wall.


Why on Earth would you just nod? You would go into a long fangirl rant about your OTPs!